My Favorite Selection Of Schoolhouse Lights

I’m designing the inside of a set for a TV Show that takes place in the 1950’s in a High School in east coast. The lighting for a TV set is very important and since I need to recreate the vibe of a what a schoolhouse used to look like, I need the right schoolhouse lights to make this work.

Schoolhouse Lighting – Cord Hung

I cam across two different style of the schoolhouse lighting fixture. This one is the cord hung, so I figured this would fit nicely in the walk way of the school. This definitely has a vintage feel to it and will compliment the scene from back in the day

Stem Hung Schoolhouse Light

For this stem hung, I imagined it to be hung throughout the hallways of the school and to wrap around the building in a old school fashion. The set directors were pleased with my input and selection of lights. The best way to get new projects and clients is through referrals and so all your work must be done to the best of my ability to ensure that.

Another important area to focus on will be the exterior lighting of the high school. Now, the cord hung looks great for indoor lighting but fit to well on the outside. I need a mounting option for above the main entrance and so I selected a gooseneck arm to mount the schoolhouse light on.

After setting it up, I looked at my work and noticed that the single light mounted over the entrance door looked kind of strange, so I added another light to compliment it and it turned out nice. My project was done for the most part but they wanted to see how it would look through the camera and not just in person. After shooting some test shots and test videos, they were pleased with the job and my work was done.


Hi, Dudes and Dudesses, I know it’s been a little while since you last heard from me, but that’s because I was out of the country doing a bunch of amazing things; and to be honest, this blog wasn’t my top priority while I was away. But now I’m back, so we’ll get on with the game now.

First off, I wanted to let you all know that I updated my Terms of Use and my Privacy Policy. Check them out using the tabs with their respective names that you will find on the top of my site.

Now for the good stuff––so, like I said, I was gone, out of the country, for the past four months. While I was gone, I did some pretty sick traveling around India. And let me tell you, there were some pretty boss lighting fixtures hanging around some amazing buildings. But more on that later…


What brought me to India was my desire to meet new people, to eat delicious food, to learn about a new culture, to drink lots of good beer, to do some humanitarian work, to market for the business I work for, and to give my wife one of her lifetime dreams, to make it come true for her.

If you know me from Adam, then you’d know that traveling to exotic lands really isn’t my sort of thing, nor is it first on my list of things to do or dreams I have. Also, you’d know that I’ve never been very good at helping my wife realize her dreams. I’ve always just allowed her to, or maybe even pushed her to, put them on the back burner.

But if you’ve been around me lately, you’ll probably agree that I’ve been changing. I’m not exactly sure where this change is coming from or why it’s occurring, but it is occurring.

So I went to India, and my life will never be the same. More on India and more on the lights of India later––

For now, I have to run, someone is calling…

Chat with you later.

The Search for The Barn Light Original

I want to touch base on something with you guys. There has been a question floating around for quite some time now on who has the original barn light. I have heard some bizarre speculations on who it could be, and frankly I want to get to the bottom of this first and foremost.

It all started a long long time ago when I was just a boy. I was playing baseball outside with my friends we were involved a very serious game of over the line. My best friend Jimmy Bean was up at the plate and let me tell you, he carries a big stick. I pitched him the ball and he absolutely devours it and it flies through the air and is heading directly towards Mrs. Peterman’s yard. The ball has so much velocity that it burns right through the tree and nails some old outdoor barn light that is hanging outside of her house. We, being kids, scatter and take off running. A few minutes later there is a knock at our door and it’s Mrs. Peterman! She is holding the old barn lighting fixture in her hand, and says “you know these aren’t just your average industrial barn lights. This is the Barn Light Original. I posted an image of it below!

The Original Barn Light

She then asked if she could speak to my parents who were in the kitchen preparing my dinner. We were having Shepard’s Pie which is an original recipe from my great grandmother. So I let her come in and when she smelled the famous dish she dropped the original barn light and it shattered on the ground. She didn’t seem to care as if it wasn’t one of the original barn lights. All she wanted was to eat my moms home cooked dinner. So long story short, she didn’t get any food and the search for the barn light original continues.

Deep Bowls And Barn Lights

So like I said, I recently got into barn lights. I started collecting them about a year ago when I saw one of the designers use them all over a house. He placed some in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and even in the patio, which I thought was pretty cool. How can one light wear so many hats? Well I guess the trick is in the color or finish, as they call it. In the bathroom, which had sleek, classier look, he mounted some black gooseneck barn lights. In the living room, which had a more rustic look, he mounted oil rubbed bronze wall lights, and in the kitchen, he changed it up with deep bowls.

barn lighting fixture


Now, from what I understand, deep bowls aren’t your typical barn light fixtures, but every website I see that sells barn lights also sells deep bowls, so I think of these as being sort of like first cousins. I like deep bowls because they are also as flexible as barn lights. Depending on the finish you use, these can pretty much go anywhere. I’ve seen designers place them in modern kitchens, and I’ve also seen them above old vintage dining room tables. I presonally like deep bowls because, like barn lights, there isn’t much to them. They have a simple design that is not feminine, yet my old lady doesn’t mind them, and neither do I.

My New Hobby

Originally, I started this blog with beer in mind, I am a beer enthusiast, and I wanted to dedicate a website to talking beer. But my old lady told me that I should grow up and find another hobby. So I did. My new hobby is barn lighting. Yeah, lots of you out there don’t know barn lights if they hit you on the head with one. Barnlights are America’s lighting sweehearts. And sells some nice looking barn light fixtures.

I got into them because I recently started a new job in construction. A buddy of mine owns the business, and he asked me if I wanted to help him out on the weekend doing interior barn lighting . Well, weekend work turned into fulltime work, and now I get to work directly with designers and architects.–pains in the ass usually, but their end-vision is usually impressive. I don’t like architects and especially designers, but I respect them. So, now that I found a new hobby, I’m gonna tell you all all about it.

Barn Lights